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The impact of a (poor) office layout

Integrating Lean principles into digital transformation efforts.

Office processes are composed of individual tasks. Processes are generally developed over years of time and normally contain steps that are no longer required.
A lean office is an environment where each of theses processes has been evaluated and streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Many office processes move between departments before the process can be completed.
Another goal of lean office is to eliminate wasted movement by locating the personnel necessary to perform the task together.

Cross training and adjustments for changing workloads are other key points in a lean office.

Lean Office simulation

When work cells have been designed and properly documented, workers can be moved between work cells based on the daily workload.
Continuous improvement should become a part of the culture within the office workplace so that everyone is always asking, "Is there another way?"

Our workshop


  • The Management Team of Falber srl believe that digitalizing the quote request process as it stands today will make them more competitive in the face of current market expectations.

  • The role of the 6 participants will be to re-create the process and consider whether process improvements are required for a potential process digitalization.

Languages: We deliver this workshop in Spanish, English, French and Italian. 

Venue: Online or on- site.


Participants work in a fictional company (Falber srl) where they are introduced to lean practices and experience change to a process 


  • Visual Controls

  • Cellular Layout

  • Work Balancing (Flexible Workforce)

  • Lead Time Reduction

  • One-piece Flow with a Pull System

  • Elimination of Non-Value-Added Steps

  • Cycle Time

  • Teamwork and Cross Training


The workshop covers the main lean principles through actual implementation in the quotation process as it moves from a traditional process to a lean cellular process.


  • Traditional Office Layout versus Cellular Design

  • Standardized Approvals

  • Point of Use Storage

  • Independent Cross-Training

  • Understand processes prior to any digital initiative


This is a 2h30-hour online & interactive workshop 


Anyone willing to evaluate the value flow of their administrative processes prior to digitalization

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