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Sports and Leadership - "Work always pays off"

Sports means great teaching and many lessons learned can shape how and who you can become, not only as a person but as a professional. These lessons learned, a way of life more like...

Here is our Top 10:

1. Sport: It is ok to fall, and critical to get up and repeat all over again and again.

Professional life: Resilience - Giving up is not an option.

2. Sport: Optimum conditions are seldom, your desire to win is determined by how much you are capable of outperforming no matter what the environment is.

Professional life: Flexibility to changes - Obstacles are opportunities to grow.

3. Sport: Perform in competition as if you were at training, not getting intimidated by anyone or anything (how many people are great at training but keep losing in competition?).

Professional life: Emotional Intelligence - Not getting impressed by anyone, whoever it is and managing well at (high) level of pressure.

4. Sport: Going to a competition with the spirit of participating means that you already lost.

Professional life: Don't just do it, get it done!


5. Sport: Be good sports and congratulate the winner, no matter how bitter it can be. 

Professional life: Be humble and learn. Questioning is key. 

Winning is no coincidence
Sports and Leadership - Florence Meunier

6. Sport: Talent is not everything. Consistent and tough training are required to raise the bar.

Professional life: Learning is your routine - Nurturing yourself regularly and get inspired to think ahead.

7. Winning is not because of you only, but for a great part to anyone who has supported you, in those bad and good days... Winning means shared success.

Professional life: Team Spirit - Also, get to know what your allies are, trust people who trust you.

8. Sport: Winning just doesn't happen by coincidence: will and work, work, and work do the trick.

Professional life: "Work always pays off", discipline is key.

9. Sport: The one with the best in class gear is not necessarily the one who wins.

Professional life: Diploma should be ranked last in the evaluation of a professional.

10. Sport: There is a time for everything. Consistently remaining at the top is the hardest thing to achieve, not all can. 

Professional life: Likewise :-)! Coaching: your experience means nothing if you don't help and encourage others to develop themselves.

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