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ctq tree
How do you ensure you are meeting your customer requirements?

How can you simplify and make it more visual and understandable when explaining to a team in a training and coaching environment?

Try out using a CTQ tree tool.

CTQ stands for Critical To Quality. In a nutshell, this tool displays clearly what performance standards are required to satisfy your customers.

Examples in a Lean office environment may be:


  • Wait time

  • Employee Customer Relationship

  • Customer Complaint resolution

And here are some questions you may ask yourself and your team when creating a CTQ tree. 

These should be in line both with what is achievable by an agent, but also fit in with company objectives and values:


  • What is an acceptable length of time a customer is prepared to wait to have their call answered? 

  • What is the maximum length of time a customer will wait to confirm when their product will be ready for shipping? 

  • What is the turnaround time expected to receive their products from date of order?

  • What is the average time expected to receive acknowledgement of receipt of order?

  • How often should an employee follow up with the customer per order?

  • How many times should a feedback questionnaire be sent to the customer?

  • What is the minimum product knowledge requirement of an employee when dealing with customers?

  • How quickly should an employee react when in receipt of a customer complaint?

  • In how many hours/days should a customer complaint be resolved within?


CTQ Trees can be created in vertical or horizontal format, but can also be displayed in table form. 


Here are a few examples:



Using a Touch Phone