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Implement positive changes in your Working Space ...

Personal productivity involves performing tasks that bring closer to achieving your goals.

In one of our last blogs - “Clean Desk? Yes, please!”, we mentioned that the key to being productive is organization.

If you work in a state of chaos, your mind will follow.

Taking a step further, we worked on issuing a new Mini Series that we hope will provide you with the information you need to implement positive changes in your working space.

It addresses the overwhelming nature of tackling a space that is piled-high with paper, has a disorganized physical or digital filing system, or is overrun with e-mails.

Learn how to process one small area at a time until you have created a well-functioning, productive workspace.

Once this is achieved, you will also be reminded that workspace management is an ongoing process, rather than an event - that is, improvements must be maintained.

Overall, we trust that this Mini-Series help you:

• Recognize how you can benefit from managing your workspace effectively

• Apply the process for creating a clutter-free workspace in a given scenario

• Recognize the principles of effective filing

• Recognize techniques for managing digital files

• Manage your e-mail in a given scenario

• Recognize how to maintain a productive workspace

Enjoy the reading!


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