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Cleaning Up

This week, I decided a good clean up is needed prior to year end. Normally people make a New Year's resolution to be tidier, or more organized or have a clear out.

But why wait until the New Year? What's the best start to a year than to be cleanly organized already?

I took a look around my work environment this week, and chose to start making a list of 5S cleaning. My office, my PC files, my tablet applications. I even looked outside my office environment to see what I could find around that others have not kept organized for a while... and was amazed!

Putting all this together, I will have to do some 5S cleaning every day up to the end of the year. I only schedule 15 minutes, and in that short period of time you will be surprised of the positive results. I will even leave a little extra space for Christmas gifts received!

In the office environment I noted more than anything, a massive of accumulation of stationary in my drawers. So I started thinking about how other people's drawers also look, and behold, they too were full of an excess of pens, sticky notes, multiple staplers, and notebooks with only the first page used.

So here are some tasks I have in my ToDo list for this last month of the year:

  • Sort my drawers

  • Sort my cupboards

  • Make a stationary amnesty box for donating back to the office supplies administrator

  • Create a stationary amnesty day for everyone in the office environment (to do the same as above)

  • Clear wallboards and displays of old, outdated information

  • Scan and throw all papers (still struggling for that euphoric moment to find myself working in a paperless environment!)

  • Add all notes to OneNote (I am a big fan, converted from being an Evernote user)

  • Create a long term ToDo list of ideas, incomplete tasks etc all in one place. I can go back to them at any time for inspiration

  • Sort my PC files, folders, picture libraries, web browser links (what a mess, surprised myself how in a year these can get so out of control)

With a little effort each day, I hope to start the new year with that wonderful feeling of being able to find everything in an uncluttered, easy to reach environment... and try to keep it that way :)

How do you want to start the New Year?


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