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How to create your strategic vision in 8 steps

(Online) Workshop

All of us have to work toward a definite future ... that can motivate and inspire people to change the world. - Peter Thiel

What it is about

Every journey starts with a vision. The reason to design, create or change anything comes from your perspective. You start on your journey because you think that the world could be different, a problem could be solved, a product or service could be created.

That is, in the core what vision is about!

  • Your vision is your compass, the north star that is guiding every strategic and operational decision you make. A clear vision makes it easier for people to believe in your company, no matter if they are team members, partners, or customers.

  • By understanding the direction you take and the values that are non-negotiable, you will save time wasted in fruitless discussions, and create more clarity, making it easier for team members to work towards a common goal.

Create your strategic vision in 8 steps

So, in short, having a great vision is a vital part of the equation for every company, product team, or start-up.

Who it is for

For all of those who recognize the importance of creating and communicating a strategic vision and willing to learn how to do it step by step


Program Overview


The reason vision is so important in your journey – either be a design, a product or service, is because it’s a hard journey, and you won’t be making it alone. If you can create a compelling vision that your targeted audience can believe in, it becomes much easier to join forces and commit.

How do you create a vision? In this workshop and as a group, you will work on creating your strategic vision, following the steps of the journey that will take you there.

Learning Objectives

Learning by doing: Get to know the process of creating a vision through the actual practice of the methodology itself.



In this workshop, we will the following topics:

  • Introductions & Ice-Breaker,

  • Workshop Overview,

  • What is a vision and why you need one,

  • Creating a Vision: the Process,

  • Your Turn!

  • Conclusion & Take Aways.



This workshop lasts approximately 2 hours. An online collaboration platform will be used to create your vision step by step.

Number of participants

Our goal is to facilitate a first-class quality workshop in terms of active participation, and dedicate our full attention to each of the participants. Therefore, we deliberately limit the number of participants to 5.


What is unique about this program?

The tools, the focus and the active collaboration in an online environment.

  • The tools used in this workshop help facilitating the creation process as well as communicating your vision with meaning (storytelling).

  • The focus of this workshop is the active participation of each participant through examples from real organizations, including their own.

  • The use of innovative technology helps bringing all participants together into a collaborative effort towards the same goal.

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