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Welcome to our webinars!

Catalysing the skills of the future

Proposing Lean Office and Leadership-oriented communication training programs, we act as a catalyst to help you accelerating your professional skills and abilities to face the future of work.

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There is a lot of literature today about Lean, actually more than we could ever digest! And there is generally more talk about Lean Manufacturing than Lean Office. Our first objective is to share our Lean Office experience from a very practical perspective. 

Many people often ask us where to start to implement Lean in an office environment.

More than implementing a great methodology, we believe above all in "every day a little": It is not about making big changes, it is about taking measures to generate results, every day ...

Our second objective is therefore to share with you keys and tools that help you in your daily improvement efforts.

Communication skills are key! Knowing some tools does not mean that the changes you want to make, no matter how small, are being implemented. For this reason, our third objective is to be able to provide you with practical support so that the process of change can be lived in a positive and even welcoming way.


Joining forces with BeLiveLean represent a powerful combination in terms of resources, skillset, experience, ... and fun!


This partnership is 100% virtual, and the perfect demonstration of a productive virtual working relationship, resulting in a variety of workshops, webinars and o eBooks.


Our webinars and workshops are:

  • Including creative and productive content

  • Co-created with the intention of delivering them in a virtual environment,

  • Using different online collaborative platforms depending of the topic and the expected interaction with the participants

  • Available in English, Spanish, French and Italian

  • Designed to be as practical as possible "Learning by doing"

  • Maximizing the full span of attention of the attendees with a duration from 1h30 to 3h.

  • Super interactive ... and fun!


María Albertina Fontana
Logo Albertina.png
  • María Albertina Fontana is an industrial engineer and a professional Ontological Coach.

  • She has 20+ years of experience in training, facilitation and implementation of processes and improvements in companies of various categories and sizes.

  • She is passionate about Lean Philosophy, and an expert in leading multicultural and multifunctional teams.

  • She is the founder of her own consultancy BeLiveLean.

Florence Meunier
lean 4 U.png
  • Florence is an industrial chemical engineer with 26+ years of experience in different multinationals, sectors and roles in EMEA.

  • She is a Senior Consultant, a Business and Sport Coach.

  • She is passionate about Digital Transformation, Lean Office, Management and Strategy, and the author of several eBooks and articles.

  • She is the founder of her own consultancy

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