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Leadership Attributes

What are these attributes required for good leadership today?


The ability to see the long term and delay gratification.


Being adaptable as situations change.


Being a self-starter and keeping emotions under control.

Good listening skills

Two-way communication skills such as clearly stating ideas and understanding both verbal communication and nonverbal cues.

Excellent coaching and training skills

The vital skills for getting others to work effectively.

Sensitivity to customer and employee issues

A customer focus and ability to empathize with employees

Personal commitment to excellence

Commitment to the realization of a quality vision.

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Building self and team resilience
EI and Leadership


Taking responsibility for action and honestly measuring and evaluating performance.


The personal strength to venture and persevere.


By being humble, leaders are better able to coach, mentor, communicate with, and learn from, followers.


The ability to discern right from wrong and to commit to what is chosen as the right course.


The constant search for and the ability to see opportunities and possibilities


The ability to stay on the right path when the going gets rough.


The personal physical and mental health required for readiness and success.

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